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What is a Teaser Sports Betting?

Considerably like the mystique that surrounds playing Baccarat at a casino, the sportsbook Teaser Bet has some mystery to it that often is confusing and intimidating even for the most skilled sports bettors.

So to put your mind at ease, we are going to clarify the Teaser Bet in a basic three step approach. Teaser bets may well seem just a little difficult at very first, but the most effective factor to do is break them down into individual smaller bets, and then look at it as one entire bet, like a parlay.

For example, let’s suppose the Chicago Bulls are playing against the Miami Heat. The teaser bet makes it possible for the player to wager on the spread and/or point total.

The Spread – Player selects Chicago Bulls to win at +12.0 points, which means the  Chicago Bulls should either beat the Miami Heat, or not lose by additional than 12 points.

Now, we’ll assume the player bets on the game total, making use of the "under" selection.

The Total – Player selects the game total points this is the final combination of points scored by each the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat) to be 50 or under.

As a result, for this bet to win, the Chicago Bulls should win outright, or not shed by more than 12 points plus the total points scored inside the game must be 50 or under.

So far, this looks like a parlay bet, but now we’ll add the Teaser bet factor in, which will increase the bettor’s odds of winning, but will also mean a decreased payout.

The Teaser Points – The player is supplied 7, 8, or 9 point teaser on the bet. The player selects an 8 point teaser, which indicates that 8 further points are added towards the spread from Step 1: 12 + 8 = 20 point Spread, and 8 points are added for the total from Step two: 50 + 8 = 58 point total – or under.


Now, for this Teaser bet to win, the Chicago Bulls have to either win or not lose by a lot more than 20 points Along with the game point total ought to be 58 points or under.

As you could see, it really is most effective to assume of teasers in pieces, and base your wagering decisions on each component with the bet. Bear in mind, however, that adding points to the spread and point total will provide you with a superior likelihood of winning, but you will also get a smaller payout. Therefore, a Teaser Bet turns a parlay bet into a bet with flexibility and greater odds for the player.

It is a very good notion to produce a Teaser Bet if you assume a common Parlay Bet on the game spread and total could be extra tricky to win without having the sportsbook’s further teaser points. On the flip side, a Teaser wouldn’t be a very good concept if you are really positive that a regular parlay bet would win, since you stand to make much more funds.
It is all about tradeoffs with Teaser Bets, and if you select the right trades to make within your wagers, it is possible to diffuse the sportsbook’s edge and collect a nice payout.