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What Games to Play at an Online Casino?

So, you want to play online casino games – this must be true, because if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be reading this article. Have you ever thought of what games you want to join a casino for? Or let’s see an even better question: why do you want to join an online casino? Is it for the thrill of the game itself or for the money you hope to make while playing? Because this is the factor that should influence your choice of games a lot.

What Games to Play at an Online Casino

When you plan to join an online casino for fun, for playing some exciting games for entertainment, and not necessarily to make money, you have the total freedom to choose whatever game you want to play. I, for one, prefer to play video slot machines, especially the funny ones, but occasionally I also engage in long sessions of playing some movie-inspired slots that bring back memories. Sometimes I also play blackjack, lots of it, because I enjoy the game (I also play it in Facebook casinos, with no real money involved, but that’s not as exciting as for real money). Besides, I am good at it. You can choose whichever games you enjoy, because the reason why you play them is pure entertainment.

When it comes to playing for profit, casino gaming looks completely different. Some of the games available in online casinos are not built to be profitable for the player – they are made to entertain, which always was the goal of the whole casino business. If you plan to make profit playing casino games you need to choose the ones which offer you the highest chance to win, like blackjack, casino war, pai gow (as the banker), video poker and some forms of casino poker. These are games of chance, of course, but if you employ the right strategy, they can be profitable in the long run.

Let’s take the example of blackjack, an entertaining table game that offers the player an almost 50% chance of winning a hand. Employing the right strategy – three relatively simple rules that I will mention here, but explain in another article – you can win or not lose most of the hands you play. These simple rules are: never play insurance, always assume the dealer has a concealed 10, and never play more than you can afford to lose. With these rules – which I tested using both social and real money blackjack games – I managed to stay profitable for a long time.

Remember to make good use of the promotions offered by online casinos. These are usually not in real money, but in play money, and won’t add real cash to your bankroll, but will mean an important addition to your comp points which can bring you loads of benefits. With the best Red Flush casino promotions you can get, for example, $1,000 of play money as a bonus, but you can only withdraw $100 of the money generated using it.