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Roulette History

Trying to find out precisely where and when Roulette came from can be a hard and confusing. The origins of the game have been credited to a lot of distinct eras of time and countries creating this game of chance a true game of mystery!

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Countries which include France, Italy and China are all rumoured to be the countries of conception based on what you read or who you listen to. Though nobody is often too confident on the subject of roulette history here are a couple of particular details that tells about the history of roulette.

The ancient Romans developed numerous games that included a spinning wheel. Some of these games even included their chariots in which they would spin the wheels of their chariots to ascertain the outcome for the division of the goods that had been confiscated after a war.

China is another nation that tries to take the credit for this game of wheel spinning numerological opportunity. Rumoured to have been created in China and brought to the European countries by means of trade, the Chinese version of Roulette didn’t have numbers but had animal symbols on the wheel. Later on it’s rumoured that the Dominican Monks changed the animal symbols to number symbols therefore giving us the Roulette wheel of now.

However, the country that really stands out and be counted as the nation to popularize the game of Roulette is France. Roulette in French stands for ‘little wheel’ and it is believed that this casino game started in France throughout the 17th century. But the credit for the invention of its name goes out to Italy.

Who really invented the Roulette?

Blaise Pascal, the notorious French mathematician, is believed to be the one who invented the roulette wheel during the 17th century. Pascal was fascinated by perpetual motion devices and it can be assumed that the roulette wheel was formed as a by-product of his fondness to these devices.

In 1842 Frenchmen Francois and Louis Blanc had contributed to the development of roulette as they invented the ‘0’ pocket inside the wheel with the aim of increasing the residence advantage of roulette bets.

But because gambling was then forbidden in France the game was later introduced in Hamburg, Germany, where they can operate roulette games without fearing the law.

But sometime later on Francois and his son Camille went to South of France. There they introduced their roulette games towards Charles III, the Prince of Monaco who was known for his love for gambling games.

There is also the myth which tells that Blanc signed with the devil for the secrets of the roulette hence his substantial good results with roulette games. This myth is based upon the truth that by adding up all of the numbers on the roulette wheel the result is 666, which is referred to as "the beast’s number".

The Blancs’ roulette game hit the hot iron which planted the seeds of what will later become today’s Monte Carlo. Roulette games with a single zero had been exclusively played in Monte Carlo till 1933.

In the 1800’s, the game roulette was introduced in the US where it had also gained massive achievement. American casinos were not satisfied with the European roulette mainly because the property edge of it was pretty low, and so they introduced a new version of roulette where there are actually two zero pockets instead of one. The American roulette’s greater property edge brought casinos billions of dollars.

Both the American and European roulette games are right now the most sought after game for gamblers at any live or online casinos and since the invention of roulette not a lot has changed in the roulette history.