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How to Win at Roulette?

Roulette en ligne

Numerous attempts have been made to win online roulette. One thing is for sure: the vast majority of roulette players gave no strategy, no system in place, apart form relying on ‘intuition’ and ‘gut feeling’. The house edge usually wins against the intuition, so any winning roulette strategy needs to be sought out in a system.

Double-zero Roulette

First, what is the house edge and what exactly are the odds of winning?

There are two types of roulette, European with one zero and American with double zero. Playing against the double-zero roulette is not a good idea because the odds are firmly stacked against the player. The casino edge is exactly 5.26%, which is OK if all you’re after is entertainment, but way too much if your goal is to win at roulette. A simple advice for double-zero roulette is: don’t play it.

Single-zero Roulette

Roulette en ligne or online roulette – also known as European roulette, has 36 numbers plus one zero, so the odds of winning a single number are 1 out of 37. The odds of losing when you bet on a single number are 36 out of 37.

How about betting on black / red (or odd and even numbers, or small 1-18 and big 19-36 set of numbers)? The chances of winning or losing would be exactly 50% each, if it were not for the zero. The zero is the only advantage the house has, and the odds of hitting zero are 1 out of 37, giving the casino the edge of 2.7%. Needless to say, having the casino edge of 2.7% is much better for you compared to the 5.26% edge in double-zero roulette.

Can You Beat 2.7% Casino Edge

The simplest winning roulette system is Martingale. In essence, it involves betting on black or red and doubling your best each time you lose until you win. The win recoups the losses and leaves you with a profit. While this works well in theory, in practice you cannot keep doubling forever because a) each roulette table has a limit as to how much you can bet, and b) a series of losses can wipe out your gambling budget before you finish the Martingale.

Two other less known strategies are Labouchère System and D’Alembert System, which are well-covered in Wikipedia. Both have their disadvantages, but it should be noted that any system is better than the ‘gut feeling’.

In a nutshell, the strategy borrows from successful stock-trading ideas: you set the goal as to how much you want to win, and then you bet keeping in mind that the odds of getting red numbers versus black numbers tend to even out after a while.