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Free Casino Games Prompt Betting Surge

Without the necessity to head physically to brick and mortar casinos, online gaming houses are as popular as ever. The free casino games and bonuses that are used as promotional incentives to attract new customers have prompted a fresh surge in betting numbers to cement online gaming as the number one gambling method of choice for UK players.

The beauty of every no deposit casino is in its name. Players can log in and bet free chips either without the need for a deposit or by making an initial deposit and seeing their investment doubled or even tripled, depending on the terms of the sign-up.

These terms should always be checked thoroughly, and can be accessed through the sign-up page of the casino. Often new free-play bonuses require “play-through” before withdrawal, which means that before removal of funds can take place into the customer’s stated account they must bet the same amount of chips that have been given for free from the casino. For example, if a casino offers a promotion of double their initial deposit that player will be required to play double the amount of free chips given in any game offered by that casino. Players can go here for a list of current sign-up bonuses on offer.

Once an account has been created and promotional chips have been credited, casinos often utilise the free-play concept to attract their customers to other areas of their gaming portfolio, as well as games preferred by the player. A player who has created an account with a view to playing Texas Hold ’em may be offered chips redeemable at the Black Jack table, or free plays in slot machines. These chips rarely require additional play-through as players are already involved in the casino system, but often these chips will be used by the players.

Though certain games may be favourites, there is a wide variety of games available and all have the potential for big winnings. When given the opportunity many players will admit that they would like to try something different, especially if that chance is provided without any outlay required on their part.

This continuation of the free gaming model has also contributed to the upturn in new players signing up to online casinos. Having emerged with a bankroll from a minimal or no deposit, these players recommend the casinos to their family and friends. This word of mouth fuels further interest that compliments the advertising campaigns that the major casinos run through online and traditional media, and such testimony is often a key reason for new players joining a casino. As the free play bonuses keep coming, so the new players keep joining, and there is potentially no limit to the success that players and casinos can enjoy.