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Can You Get Ripped Off at an Online Casino?

The entertainment provided by casinos worldwide has been a phenomenon for a very long time. Gambling has become a $40 billion dollar a year industry in the United States. People from all over the world test their luck and skill. But, while some sore losers may argue that the game is rigged, or that the house always wins, can the same be said of online casinos? Is it possible to be robbed in the comfort of your home, and if so, how can you prevent it?



Getting Started – Choosing Your Online Casino


Okay, first thing’s first- don’t choose a casino randomly. If that’s the approach you’re considering, you might as well try walking down a dark alley with cash sticking out of your pocket. The result will be more or less the same. No, the necessary thing to do is to ask around. Don’t believe things like “a friend of a friend whose cousin I once dated says it’s a sure thing!”

When I say “ask around”, I mean do your research! Look up online what good online casinos look like, read reviews and rating lists and look for open marks and symbols that depict a trusted source. Basically, there are at least 3 things you should be on the lookout for:


I am aware this may sound too commercialized- but a brand that is well known has a greater risk of bad publicity if they decide to scam you and take all your money.  Smaller casinos have a lot less to lose, and they won’t hesitate to reach deep inside your pocket.

Think about it: how many of the products and/or services with a known brand that you use everyday are as bad as those with an obscure brand?


I’ve compared online casinos to products and services that are used every day and I have a good reason for doing so. Quality goods and services often come with a certificate that can be easily verified.

It is not uncommon for these to go hand-in-hand with some contact information, as well as the information regarding the identity of the proud owner. It might be a good idea to check online for your preferred casino’s authenticity, read comments and reviews and ignore casinos that seem murky.


The players aren’t the only ones that can get black listed- casinos providing a bad service or participating in illegal actions can be banned and forbidden to operate. However this doesn’t always stop them, so check if your casino is black listed or is still a respectable establishment. There are many sites dealing specifically with this issue.



What Are Your Odds?


So you may be wondering: “Why did I need to know all this? I just wanted to know whether I could be scammed or not.” Well, potentially you could. There are many ways for your wallet to experience a weight loss, and they don’t all involve a stroke of bad luck. Let’s go over the points again.

Concerning BRAND NAME, let’s pretend that we are comparing two casinos: Casino A and Casino B. Casino A, a large company, with a well-known name and several branches all over the world has great revenue, and can therefore afford giving its customers good odds, with small investments and potentially large gains.

Not so with Casino B, a small, obscure casino which has to give its customers bad odds with large investments and measly gain, just to stay in business. In this particular case, the issue isn’t legality, but rather the principles of free market- it would be far less profitable to play at Casino B.


Now, it’s time to talk about AUTHENTICITY and BLACK LISTING. Unofficial gambling CAN have a special kind of unofficial gain – meaning a non-existent one.

Rogue casinos can give you decent odds and readily accept your money, but can be a little hesitant when it comes to cashing in your jack-pot.

Who can you complain to? How can you get your hard-earned money back? Well, you could refer to the people who issued the certificate of authenticity, the one that says it is a legitimate casino, and not just someone pretending to be one to get easy cash, unless you couldn’t, because there isn’t one.

And if the casino is sketchy, with an unclear owner, or a clear STAY AWAY sign from black listing sites for their behavior in the past, you have even less of a guarantee that you will get anything from your casino adventure.

But what’s to stop the large, known and legitimate casinos from denying you money won? Well, for one thing, there are investors and advertisers, as well as the people who designed the software used by the casino.

This means the credibility of all those people could be compromised whenever the casino in question decides to prevent a player from collecting their reward. This isn’t to say it’s impossible to get ripped off – but your money in a reputable online casino is as safe as in a bank.




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