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Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo are becoming much more popular forms of poker. People are getting tired of just playing online Texas Holdem poker tourneys, and more online poker sites are offering Omaha to their players. However, being a successful Omaha player requires a few different skills than Texas Holdem poker. Here are some of the differences between the two games…

Starting Hand Selection

The first difference between Texas Holdem and Omaha Hi are the starting hands that should be played. When you play Texas Holdem, you are looking for two high cards that are coordinated in some way or a pair. But, in Omaha Hi, that’s not the case. Too many players try to play Omaha like as if they are dealt two Texas Holdem starting hands, but more often than not this ends in a losing hand. A pair in an Omaha hand is not that good and connected cards are rarely winners. You need to have four cards that are related to each other and have a good chance of making a strong hand after the flop. If you get a set of cards in your hand, you should fold.

Strength Of Hand Needed To Win

In Texas Holdem, it is relatively common to win with a high pair. But, in Omaha hi, you need a hand that is a lot stronger than that. Odds are that everyone in the hand will at least make one pair by the time the river is dealt. You need to be drawing to things like flushes, straights and full houses if you want to win a hand. That is another reason why it is so important to focus on Omaha Hi starting poker hands as being distinct from Texas Holdem starting poker hands.

Hi/Lo Considerations

If you are playing the Hi/Lo variation of Omaha Hi, there is a lot more you need to focus on. When you play a starting hand, you will want to try and have possibilities for both the high and low option. If you have an ace and a two in your hand, chances are good that you will win the low pot if there is a qualifying hand. This aspect just makes Omaha Hi poker online that much more interesting.

Omaha poker online is quite different than traditional Texas Holdem. It doesn’t matter if you are playing ring games or poker tournaments – you can’t play Omaha and expect to be successful by playing the same way you would play Texas Holdem. Understand the differences in the game and play accordingly.