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About Us

If you’ve gambled in online casinos or are considering doing so, the choice is wide. Out of so many to choose from, how do you choose the best online casino?

Due to the large number of online casinos alone, it’s not an easy choice. The choice is even harder when you take into account different gambling laws and guidelines, and certifying authorities.

The sad fact is that not every online casino can be trusted, and not every certifying authority can be trusted either. Many unsuspecting gamblers have fallen prey to unscrupulous online casino operators – the games can be rigged, and sometimes withdrawing your winnings proves to be all but impossible.

This is where Best Online Casino Advisor comes in. Our purpose is protecting the players and taking care of their interests, and we take our job very seriously. As an independent reviewer, we make sure that:

  1. Your winnings are 100% safe, and can be easily withdrawn
  2. You enjoy the best playing conditions, including but not limited to the returns to players, bonuses, loyalty points and promotions, and
  3. You have access to spotless 24/7 support.

In a way of full disclosure, you should know that we receive affiliate payments from the online casinos that we review; however, only a small number of casinos make it onto our approved list, and if there is a dispute between the casino and you, we’re there to intercede on your behalf.

What makes us qualified to review online casinos and decide which ones are the best? In the nutshell, 30 years of experience in the gambling industry. We knew all the tricks that the land-based operators used and which found its way into the online world, from tempering with the Random Number Generator (RNG), rigging the payout percentages, to fake jackpots payouts. From the online casino baby steps in the early 90’s, the proliferation of operators after the year 2000, to present date, we’ve been helping players avoid the gambling minefields and enjoy the very best online casino experience.

Helping you find the best online casino is only a part of what we do for you. In the unlikely case of a casino unintentionally not delivering on the promised, be it playing odds, returns, bonuses, winnings, or something else – we help you with the avenue for making a complaint and be heard, as part of our responsibility and the duty of care.

This service of ours is unique and free for all the players, totally unlike the so-called ‘reviews’ by others who are only interested in a quick profit. Make use of it: with us you get to truly enjoy the best online casino experience – and be heard.